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Changes can't be effected without helping to educate the next generation of leaders. CAI is already undertaking the following:

· The Media Resource Guide is a CD-ROM of over one hundred and fifty racial, religious and ethnic organizations in the community and their leadership, the nature of their constituency, the number of members of each organization, the communities they serve and are located in, their annual budget, etc. CAI makes the Media Resource Guide available to members of the media to encourage more nuanced and thorough coverage of minority communities in Los Angeles. Since views on race relations are heavily influenced by the media, familiarizing the media with the complex and diverse faces of Los Angeles' ethnic, racial, and religious communities is a necessary challenge.

· Media Connections Briefings, in partnership with local television stations KCBS-TV and KCAL-TV, CAI has sponsored briefings for Los Angeles community leaders who represent the organizations described in CAI's Media Resource Guide. Well over one hundred community leaders have participated in these informal get-togethers with the news executives, news producers and on-air reporters for the two stations. These meetings have resulted in a slew of stories broadcast on different aspects of Los Angeles that are usually unseen and go unremarked on.

Latest Headlines

Rhetorical questions, Ad hominem attacks counterproductive (Los Angeles Daily News, February 9, 2003)
In the days since President Bush announced his administration's plans to file a brief in opposition to the affirmative action program at the University of Michigan, the debate over race and ethnicity in America has taken a huge step backward.

Airtalk with host Larry Mantle (KPCC89.3FM public radio, December 2, 2002)
Larry Mantle discusses the new race and human relations organization Community Advocates with the President of the organization, David Lehrer, and Vice President Joe Hicks.

Pacheco's Friend Torres Took a Flier on Sleaze (Los Angeles Times, November 16, 2002)
The Times has reported two incidents involving local electoral politics that run counter to the prevailing trend of increased tolerance and colorblindness in our community.

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