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Latest Headlines

Rhetorical questions, Ad hominem attacks counterproductive (Los Angeles Daily News, February 9, 2003)
In the days since President Bush announced his administration's plans to file a brief in opposition to the affirmative action program at the University of Michigan, the debate over race and ethnicity in America has taken a huge step backward.

Airtalk with host Larry Mantle (KPCC89.3FM public radio, December 2, 2002)
Larry Mantle discusses the new race and human relations organization Community Advocates with the President of the organization, David Lehrer, and Vice President Joe Hicks.

Pacheco's Friend Torres Took a Flier on Sleaze (Los Angeles Times, November 16, 2002)
The Times has reported two incidents involving local electoral politics that run counter to the prevailing trend of increased tolerance and colorblindness in our community.

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